Rate Plan

$29.95 Monthly Includes
  • Unlimited Group Push-to-Talk
  • Unlimited Private Push-to-Talk
  • Unlimited Incoming Text Messaging
  • Unlimited GPS Tracking

    $6.95 System access fee and $.25 emergency 911 fee additional.

    Optional Features

  • Maintenance Plan - $5.00 per month
    Subscribing to the maintenance plan provides a lifetime manufacturer's warranty on all Fleetcom Handsets. Subscribers to the maintenance plan will be provided with a loaner handset while the repair is being processed.

    The Plan Includes:
    • Unlimited Manufacturer's Warranty
    • Loaner Handset
    • Pickup and Delivery
    • One Free Talkgroup Reconstruction
    The maintenance plan was created to ensure Fleetcom subscribers have minimal downtime.

  • Cellular Calling - $5.00 per month
    Handsets have the capability of a full functioning cellular phone complete with voice mail, call display, call waiting, call forwarding and detailed billing.
    Cellular minutes are billed at $.10 per minute. Long distance calls can be made to any number in Canada and the USA. Long distance calls are billed $.25 per minute.

  • GPS Tracking
    Locate any Java-enabled handset from your web browser.

    Corporate rates available for campus solutions. If you have questions regarding our rate package, please call one of our representatives at 416-213-1927 (Toll-Free 1-866-232-2201) or email us at info@fleetcom.ca.
    Richmond Day